Ping Pong FM turns table tennis into a musical battle

Until recently, no one would have thought that table tennis would become an inexhaustible source for various kinds of high-tech startups. An example of this is Ping Pong FM, which can turn, for example, a student dormitory basement into a music venue.

The idea is somewhat similar to Guitar Hero. The tempo control of the music forces players to act at different speeds. The Ping Pong FM set includes special rackets with built-in microphones that capture the sound of a ball hitting a tree. This signal then enters the Arduino programmable hardware platform, cleverly disguised as a retro radio. As soon as the impact of the ball is detected by the device, the signal is immediately sent to the computer that controls the game and music.

It's not hard to imagine how fun a corporate party with Ping Pong FM could be. For those who have not yet mastered the game of ping-pong, an interactive tennis table with a coach function was recently developed.