The future of washing: an ultrasonic dryer dries laundry in half an hour

Practice shows that many new things "shrink" after the first wash - this is largely due to the thermal drying process. Ioub Momen, a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has partnered with General Electric to develop an ultrasonic dryer that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional methods.

Its main element is an ultrasonic electronic device, which, unlike a stream of hot air, dries laundry using ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations, literally leaving not a drop of water in it. The released water turns into a cloud of steam and is then collected in a small container, from where it can then be drained. The whole process of ultrasonic drying takes no more than half an hour.

Piezoelectric radiators

The absence of thermal effects on the linen significantly reduces its wear, completely eliminates the formation of lint and shrinkage. The control system of the device is also simplified. Ultrasonic dryers can save Americans up to $ 900 million over 10 years, according to the US Department of Energy. The dryer itself will cost about $ 500, which will save them an additional $ 9 billion.