Sonna - headset that transmits sound directly through the skull

A team of inventors led by Allison Rowe has developed a prototype headset called Sonna, which allows for a new way of listening to sound. Its principle of operation is based on bone conduction, that is, on the transmission of sound bypassing the ear canal directly through the skull, which makes traditional headphones "superfluous".

The idea of ​​bone conduction is not new. The creators of Sonna simply decided to develop it, in particular, adapting it to the needs of cyclists. With the help of a headset, they will be able to receive information about the location and further route of movement in the city.

The sounds will be targeted to specific areas of the head. All Sonna users need to do is "fit" the headset to fit their head. Sonna's technologies can also be used in special devices for the visually impaired. For them, the device will become a kind of guide, which will show them the way with the help of sound signals coming from the mobile application.