Scientists are developing a vest that allows the dog to communicate with the owner

Melody Jackson, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has developed a system that allows a dog to communicate with its owner. Such an opportunity will come in handy during search and rescue operations, during demining, as well as for guide dogs.

The basis of the system is a special dog vest equipped with side sensors that are triggered by biting movements or a push by the nose. After reacting to some event, the dog activates the sensor, after which the system sends an audio cue or SMS message to the smartphone.

Each such signal corresponds to a certain object or action, which dogs are taught to identify in advance. For example, dogs are trained to react to explosive devices, the detection of which is accompanied by a special signal.

In addition, Melody Jackson and her research team are working with Georgia Tech to develop a medical vest that will help a dog to help people in extreme situations.

As soon as the dog finds the desired object, it activates the sensor, which works in conjunction with the GPS. He reports the coordinates of the object to the focal point for processing. The signal comes back that help is on the way. In this case, the dog does not abandon the person in danger.