Alcometer smart key will not allow drunk driver to start the car

The drunk driver is known to be a potential killer (or suicide), as evidenced by the sad statistics of road accidents. Currently, experts in many countries are developing systems that block engine start if the driver is drunk.

This time, Honda and Hitachi have joined forces to develop a key fob-breathalyzer that prevents the vehicle from starting, the driver of which is clearly overwhelmed. A prototype portable alcohol detector is embedded in the smart key. The device records the presence and level of alcohol in the exhaled air for three seconds.

The measurement of ethanol concentration is carried out by three types of semiconductor sensors designed to detect ethanol, hydrogen and acetaldehyde metabolism, respectively. As soon as the critical level is exceeded, the smart key will immediately lock the starting system and display the alcohol test result on the dashboard.

Representatives of Honda and Hitachi said that their device has a number of advantages over existing counterparts, since it does not allow tampering and distinguishes human respiration from alternative gases.