Electric track rollers for off-road driving

Today, there are many individual compact vehicles with which you can overcome the remaining few kilometers to work. Among them are folding bicycles, scooters and even electric skateboards. Recently, this list was joined by the inventor from Poland, Jack Skopinsky, who developed electric off-road roller skates.

It all started with an unusual order. The client asked to create a vehicle that would fit in a travel bag. Self-propelled roller skates turned out to be the best option.

To increase the cross-country ability, Jack "shod" the wheels in rubber tracks. Behind the heels, he installed 350-watt DC motors powered by 26-volt lithium-ion batteries. A pocket controller was used as a control element.

Self-propelled inline skates provide a maximum speed of up to 15 km / h and a mileage of 20 kilometers, after which a recharge is required. Turns and other maneuvers are performed by tilting the body. The weight of off-road skates is about 5 kg, and the estimated cost is about $ 1400.