DeepOptics glasses track eye movement and automatically adjust focus

As you know, people with age-related vision problems - presbyopia, have to wear glasses with multifocal lenses or use several glasses. Israeli startup Deep Optics is creating glasses that adapt to any vision.

However, they can be called glasses rather conditionally. In fact, this is a complex electronic device, where, instead of the usual lenses, there are liquid crystal multifocal lenses that change depending on how light is refracted at the moment an electric current passes through them. The frame contains special sensors that track the work of the eyes at the moment when they try to adjust the focal length within a fraction of a second.

The subject of liquid crystal glasses is not new. In 2012, the emPower line of glasses was introduced, where you had to press a button to focus. Deep Optics has gone further with technology that mimics natural vision. This required a lens that changes its optical power without changing its appearance. The result was achieved thanks to liquid crystal technology.

Optical sensors located in the frame constantly monitor the position of the pupil when a person looks at an object. The processing unit at this time calculates the optimal focal length for each eye, and then sends an electrical signal to the liquid crystal lens, which forms a clear image. If the glasses run out or turn off, the lenses will automatically lock in their original position.