Cellular operator AT&T offers a programmable button for corporate customers

AT&T has introduced a new product called the LTE-M Button, which is a button that can be programmed to perform various tasks. With its help, you can, for example, send specific messages to groups of subscribers or place orders for goods.

However, in this case, the button is not intended for ordinary consumers, but for corporate clients. The minimum order is 500 pieces. Each button is rated for 1, 500 clicks, which is approximately three years of operation.

AT&T's LTE-M button connects to the operator's network and can be used by any company, for example, to give feedback in public places, order specific products, or create an alert for servicing waste bins, and more.

AT&T introduced this device back in November last year, but they are only available now at a price of $ 30 per unit. As soon as the first 5000 buttons are sold, their price will rise to $ 35. This price also includes the cost of using the network.