Canadian Drumi washing machine does not need electricity

What a sin to conceal, scientific and technological progress has spoiled us with an order. Take, for example, washing machines, which every year become smarter and smarter, acquiring more and more new functions, for which, of course, you have to pay more and more. The Drumi washing machine, recently unveiled by the Canadian startup Yirego, is a challenge to modern technology.

The main feature of Drumi is that it does not need electricity. It is driven by a foot pedal drive, which, by the way, does not require any extra effort. Drumi is the embodiment of compactness and simplicity. It is designed to wash 2.5 kg of lightly soiled clothes somewhere on a picnic or in a country cottage.

After loading the laundry into the drum, pour water into it, add detergent, close the lid, and you can start washing. The drum starts to rotate as the pedal is depressed.

The first stage will take from 3 to 5 minutes, after which the dirty water must be drained through a special outlet and the process must be repeated only with clean water for 2 minutes. After rinsing is finished, it is recommended to increase the intensity of pressing while draining the water, which will ensure partial spin of the laundry.

The price of the washing machine is $ 299.