Waterlily Portable Turbine generates power from water or wind

As reality shows, a modern person who has found himself far from "civilization" in the mountains or on a tourist trip for a long time is not at all going to give up its "digital" benefits. And here everything rests on the technical characteristics of the power supplies.

Today, the capacity to extract energy has increased significantly. Its potential sources are sun, wind, river, fire, and even salt water. The creator of the portable turbine Waterlily, the Canadian startup Seaformatics, adapted its product to two “elements” at once - water and wind.

The Waterlily weighs only 800 g and measures 180 x 75 mm. It can be installed both in a river with a fast current and in the wind, and any mobile device can be connected through the available USB connectors. The minimum "working" speed of the current is from 1 to 11 km / h. The turbine can reach its maximum power of 25 W at a speed of 7.2 km / h. For wind, the minimum indicator is 10.8 km / h, and the most effective is 72 km / h.

In case there is no wind or river, Seaformatics plans to add a special handle. The "Water Lily" can also be operated from a bicycle and when moving through the water in a canoe or kayak.

Orders for the turbine are already being accepted. The first customers will get it for $ 99, and in the future, the price will increase to $ 149.