Microsoft revealed the characteristics of the new game console Project Scorpio

At last year's exhibition of computer games E3, Microsoft announced the successor to the X-Box - Project Scorpio. Now the developers have revealed some details regarding the technical characteristics of the new items. So far, one thing is clear - it will be a performance monster.

The new console is positioned more as an update, rather than the next generation of the game console. Combined with full backward compatibility, as well as improved electronics, players will be able to run games in 4K resolution and full support for virtual reality.

Compared to Xbox One, the new Scorpio console will offer a much more powerful processor, its speed will increase by 30%. The graphics processor will be 4, 6 times more powerful, the speed of the RAM will also increase several times. All the characteristics of the new items turned out to be higher than those of the PS4 Pro, albeit not much.

Many details about Project Scorpio have not been revealed. It is not known what the support for virtual reality will be, as well as such an important factor as the price. Powerful, productive hardware costs money, and Microsoft will have to work hard to keep the console competitive.