Flowsaber - Jedi lightsaber for real combat

A project of an unusual sports equipment appeared on the Kickstarter site - and almost instantly raised the funds necessary to launch it into production.

This Flowsaber is the world's first "Jedi" stunt sword for martial arts, performance and cosplay. The developers emphasize that this is not a model, not a toy or a souvenir - this is a full-fledged sparring projectile. Its design was based on a classic European longsword.

The Flowsaber weighs 900 grams - it accurately reproduces the mass and maneuverability of a combat sword. The blade is made of durable polycarbonate and is suitable for full contact sparring. As they wear, the blades can be changed.

The sword handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is capable of absorbing the vibrations of overly powerful blows. It is 2.5 cm thick and perfectly balances the Flowsaber blade. It also houses the button of the LED illumination module, which gives the sword a bright glow (red, blue, cyan, green, white and amber at the user's choice). The module is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which lasts for 3 hours.

Manufacturers offer two variations of the sword. First, the Sparring is heavier, more durable and suitable for full-strength training fights. The second, Flow, is lighter, more maneuverable and designed for performing stunts and theatrical fights.

The Flowsaber will begin shipping this June and the sword will be priced at $ 299.