Firefly - the world's first smart tablet mirror

Firefly launched the world's first wall-mounted mirror tablet on Kickstarter. It recognizes the user's voice, face and gestures, supports many applications, and is capable of sending push notifications.

Firefly consists of two parts - a backing that holds any iOS or Android tablet, and a 65 x 40 cm double-sided mirror glass. The glass has a special treatment and always looks crystal clear. Of course, the mirror is not suitable for the role of a touchscreen, so the control of the Firefly is based on the Amazon Alexa voice recognition technology.

To activate the gadget, just say the word "Firefly" and give the necessary instructions. Here are examples of some of the more common commands:

"Firefly, start the timer."

"Firefly, what is the weather now."

"Firefly, call me a taxi."

"Firefly, show the news."

Firefly will come with a companion app with some premium features. (These features will be free for anyone supporting the project on Kickstarter.)

The main screen of the application is modular and allows you to place widgets on it according to the user's taste. Developers are constantly working to expand the set of available widgets and programs. The mirror itself will receive updates via the Internet. Thus, it is enough to place any tablet in the Firefly substrate - and the smart mirror is completely ready to work.

Firefly will start shipping in August this year and will be priced at $ 175.