How to breathe new life into outdated gadgets

Having become the owner of the latest smartphone model, many begin to think about what to do with the old and still quite working one. Throwing away a used, but still expensive thing is a pity, and it is not good to pollute the environment. Here are just a few options for what kind of "work" gadgets-retirees can do, fortunately, they are still capable of a lot.


A very good option is an alarm clock. There are many applications, such as Wake for iOS or Good Morning Alarm for Android, that will wake you up just as well as a regular “clockwork” alarm clock with a ring.

Home Security Cameras

All the latest models of smartphones, phones and tablets have built-in cameras that can be used to create a surveillance system in the home. The Presence and Manything apps will help you with this.

You can also create a separate Skype account on your old laptop and then install a program to automatically receive incoming video calls. With the help of such a simple system, you can control your home environment while in the office or on a trip.


For an e-book, the processor speed of your gadget is not important. Any reader application will allow you to download your favorite books to read into an old smartphone or tablet, for example, on the way to work.


Once you download the Tunein Radio app, your well-worn gadget turns into a home radio that can be accessed by any radio station that broadcasts online.

Music center

Almost all older devices can handle music, be it streaming internet broadcasts or their "stock". You can set up a laptop with iTunes Library or a tablet with Spotify, connect via Bluetooth to the speakers, and here is a ready-made music center.

Text editor

There are several simple text programs that can be used to convert an old laptop into a specialized typewriter. Some of them are: Google Docs, Write, Ulysses, iA Writer. A tablet with a large screen will do, too. It only requires a keyboard with a wireless connection.