Airblock Programmable Modular Drone Teaches Kids The Basics of Flight

As it turned out, drones "feel" great as toys-constructors, and the world's leading manufacturers were quick to take advantage of this. One typical and successful example is the Lego Flybrix drone. The next on this prestigious list can rightfully be the modular Airblock constructor.

Airblock is the brainchild of the Chinese company Makeblock, which specializes in making robots as a learning tool. Its creators are convinced that their product will help to introduce children to technical creativity, design and programming of aircraft.

The Airblock kit includes foam parts, individual engine modules and a control command receiver. They are assembled into a single structure using magnets, which allows it to be given a variety of configurations. To begin with, the manufacturer proposes to assemble two main types of vehicles: a hexacopter and a hovercraft.

Flight resource Airblock - 8 minutes, with active flight - 6 minutes, maximum speed - 2.5 m / s, flight altitude - 10 meters. The drone is controlled from the tablet. A special application allows you not only to control the flight, but also independently program various scenarios for controlling the engines and even create your own control interface.

Airblock has already raised over $ 100, 000 on Kickstarter, which is enough to start mass production. From February 2017, the kit will be available for $ 89.