Electronic sticker developed in Germany

German inventor Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl has developed an electronic scoreboard that can be glued to any surface. It is essentially an electronic sticker.

The electronic scoreboard is powered by solar panels. It is based on E-Ink display, which is also called e-paper. This technology simulates standard printing on a sheet of paper, consuming energy only when the image is changed.

E-Ink displays are composed of pixel capsules containing white and black microbeads. As soon as the capsule is exposed to an electric field, white or black particles float upward, depending on the polarity of the voltage.

Display capabilities are limited to displaying individual numbers, letters and simple characters. Uploading information to an electronic sticker is carried out wirelessly from a smartphone or computer. The main advantage of the electronic scoreboard is the ability to use it without thinking about charging, just a little sun is enough. Tobias Grosse-Puppental hopes that the invention will find its buyer.