At the geek conference using drones, they played "Space Invaders"

The dream of shooting at space invaders from a laser cannon has come true. To demonstrate its new products, the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles vHive modeled an outdoor game plot. A new toy for adults was shown at GeekCon 2016.

The game's concept is borrowed from the 1978 arcade classic Space Invaders. The player sits in a chair, which moves to the right and left along the rails, aims a laser cannon at the target and tries to shoot them down. In the role of "aliens" - drones carrying display screens, which depict spaceships and monsters in the style of pixel art.

Shooting is simulated by lighting and trajectory calculation using GPS sensors. Downed drones turn off screens and land. Everything happens in real time, the accuracy depends on the shooter's eye, so there are not so many chances to reflect the attack. In this, the entertainment is similar to the legendary progenitor - at one time Space Invaders sold 100, 000 copies, but not all gamers were able to pass even the first level without losses.