5 "summer" gadgets for outdoor activities

Summer has come, which means that there are many events and outdoor activities ahead. As always, modern gadgets have something to offer us in this regard: today we will talk about devices that will make the hottest time of the year even brighter and will appeal to both adults and children.

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Mini Segway AOSDER Q6

Mini Segway is a trendy means of getting around city sidewalks. The two-wheeled AOSDER Q6 is controlled completely remotely using the remote control - however, it will not be possible to accelerate faster than 12 km / h. This model is one of the easiest to learn: detailed instructions are given in the attached manual. By the way, even with daily use, such a hoverboard will have to be charged no more than once a week.

The Segway is made from quality plastic and is available in several colors: blue, red, white, orange and black. An additional option that will probably come in handy on vacation is the gyro scooter can play music from your phone: the signal is transmitted via Bluetooth.

SJCAM SJ5000X Action Camera

An action camera doesn't have to be expensive. Popular among buyers, the SJCAM SJ5000X device at a very affordable price can do everything that is required from an action camera, thanks to focus stabilization, waterproof even after prolonged immersion under water, support for 4K HD photos and videos. This camera is perfect for travel and extreme sports. Conveniently, the camera can also be used all year round as a video recorder in a car or for home video surveillance.

LED Bicycle Wheel Light

Can't imagine summer without bike rides? Then it's time to stock up on decorative lighting for the wheels - it's not only beautiful, but also effectively increases road safety at night.

The tiny device attaches to the bus and runs on battery power. Every three seconds, a different combination of LED lights comes on, so that the color pattern is constantly changing.

Portable speaker Mpow Armor

A compact device for playing music is useful at home and on the street: Mpow Armor is not afraid of water, so you can safely take it with you to the beach or even to the bathroom. The device does not need wires and is capable of playing your favorite songs in excellent quality for up to 10 hours without recharging. But that's not all: the gadget will also help out if your smartphone or tablet is unexpectedly discharged: in this case, just connect your device to Mpow Armor via USB - the column can be used as an external battery.

Quadcopter Syma X5HW

Radio-controlled helicopters have been replaced by quadrocopters: it is even more interesting to control such a flying toy! Thanks to four propellers, multicopters can perform more complex maneuvers than helicopters, and also perform brilliantly in all weather conditions, even in strong winds. The compact and almost silent quadrocopter is safe to use not only outdoors, but also in the apartment. And the most important thing: with the built-in camera Syma X5HW will allow you to look at cities and natural beauty from a bird's eye view. The quadcopter not only records video, but also broadcasts it “live” to a smartphone: for this purpose, there is a special mount for a phone on the control panel.