Remidi T8 Music Glove Converts Hand Movement Into Sounds

Remidi, a young wearable instrument company from Texas, has unveiled its first novelty, the Remidi T8 musical glove.

The device is equipped with sensitive sensors located along the fingers and palm. The wristband coordinates the sounds from each sensor and responds to hand movement.

Remidi T8 can adapt to each musician depending on the genre in which he works. According to co-founder and chief technology officer of the company, Mark Di Mei, with the help of a wearable gadget, you can compose music and play it right there.

The Remidi T8 can be thought of as a wearable controller, similar to the multi-functional musical synthesizers used in recording studios. And in some cases, the glove is superior to synthesizers. In particular, it can take into account the individuality of the musician during the performance of the piece.

"We want, " Dee Mei admitted frankly, "to provide people with an unusual way of expressing themselves, allowing them to expand the usual possibilities of musical instruments."