Smartbe - "smart" baby carriage with autopilot

As you know, a prerequisite for the functioning of a baby carriage is the need to push it in front of you. Smartbe is going to relieve parents of this for the first time by creating a self-propelled “smart” stroller controlled by a dedicated smartphone app.

In addition to being able to follow you, Smartbe will have a whole range of technical means, including a remote monitoring webcam that allows you to monitor a child in a stroller from a distance, a transparent dome with a light signal, a wireless speaker with a charger, and an air conditioner.

In addition, the stroller is equipped with a heating system for baby food bottles. Smartbe, if necessary, will rock the child with an electrically powered rocking chair. There is also a self-tightening seat belt and an anti-theft sensor. In total, Smartbe has a dozen functions that can be controlled using applications for Android and iOS, as well as from a smart watch.

The manufacturer launched the company on Indiegogo to raise the $ 80, 000 needed to start production. In the first 3 days, we have already managed to collect about $ 5, 000. Loving parents will be able to purchase a wonderful stroller for $ 2, 750.