BMW unveils motorcycle helmet with transparent display

At the CES 2016 international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this winter, BMW unveiled the concept of a high-tech motorcycle helmet. The novelty is aimed at increasing the level of convenience and safety of motorcyclists.

The main feature of the helmet is a transparent display opposite the motorcyclist's right eye, displaying a whole set of useful information - speed, temperature, condition of individual engine parts, fuel level, etc. And that's not all. There can be much more, depending on the driver's needs. So the camera located on the helmet provides a rear view instead of the rear-view mirror.

The prototype of the future helmet is equipped with a built-in mini-computer and speakers. All electronics are controlled wirelessly using a multicontroller on the left side of the steering wheel. Power is provided by 2 batteries located in the back of the helmet, continuously for 5 hours.

BMW specialists are not going to stop there. In the future, the helmet will be supplemented by a communication system that provides online traffic data exchange between several road users, which in the future will become part of a single vehicle communication infrastructure.