Special syringe XStat 30 will stop heavy bleeding

The XStat 30 is a fast-acting medical device designed in the United States for the emergency treatment of those who have received a gunshot or other penetrating wound. The original version of the XStat was intended for the US Army in case of providing assistance to the wounded on the battlefield. Now it will be available to everyone.

The XStat is a plastic syringe filled with 92 small sponges. In case of injury, it is used to inject directly into the wound, and after 20 seconds the bleeding stops. As you know, before the blood had to be stopped using special gauze. At the same time, pressure was exerted on the wound, which gave the victim unnecessary suffering.

The sponges that fill the syringe are made of wood-based cellulose coated with chitosan, a substance found in the shell of some crustaceans. Scientists have long known not only the unique antibacterial, but also the thrombus-forming properties of chitosan.

Once in the wound cavity under some pressure, the sponges stop even very strong arterial bleeding. Each syringe is capable of absorbing up to 473 ml of blood. There will be no problems with the subsequent removal of the sponges from the wound, since they are clearly visible on X-rays. However, XStat 30 is not effective for severe injuries to the chest, abdomen, pelvis or collarbone.