Russian rescuers to receive augmented reality helmet

As you know, the work of rescuers often takes place in conditions of poor visibility, in particular, in smoke, and not always the available means of protection are able to ensure normal work.

Now, thanks to the helmet for rescuers - the latest development of the Granch company (Novosibirsk), this problem will be largely solved. Alexey Orel, a representative of the company, spoke about the new product.

The helmet set, in addition to the previously created equipment for rescuers (by the way, which has undergone serious revision), includes a video camera, a thermal imager that provides an overview in smoke conditions, as well as augmented reality glasses, for which, if necessary, a picture of the rescuer's location is issued.

The helmet is provided with reliable communication with colleagues and the emergency response headquarters, which is so necessary, for example, when working in smoky rooms or in mines while searching for victims.

The helmet is currently undergoing tests, which will continue until the second half of next year. The creators of the novelty are sure that it will find its consumer, since nothing of the kind is produced in the world. The estimated cost of the kit is up to 1, 2 million rubles.