Mstick - multifunctional LED stick

Called Mstick, this cute glow stick is actually a multifunctional gadget that could be a kitchen timer, alarm transmitter, or weather forecast display as the case may be. And that's not all of its functions.

Mstick is very compact and aesthetically pleasing. Its dimensions are 160 x 26 x 16 mm, weight is 160 grams. It comes with a leather hand strap. The gadget includes 16 RGB LEDs located along the body, a 32-bit ARM Cortex MO processor and a Li-Po 2000 mAh power supply capable of operating the device for a week in low brightness mode and 7 hours at full brightness.

The Mstick has only two control buttons - one for turning on and the other for activating Bluetooth, which connects to iOS or Android devices with a dedicated Mstick control app. Also, the device has a universal mount for cameras and a magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.

What makes Mstick special is its extensive functionality. The device can serve as a regular lamp, and its LEDs can change color in accordance with the user's mood. It also features a light message writer, a sound visualizer for listening to music, a bike light, and a timer showing the amount of time remaining with the LEDs going out.

A Kickstarter campaign is already in full swing, with the Mstick priced at $ 45.