Sennheiser Orpheus: headphones for 50,000 euros

Sennheiser released its first model, the elite Orpheus HE90 headphones, in 1991 in 300 pairs at a price of $ 16, 000 each. Today, to acquire this rarity, it will take three times more, but Sennheiser is determined to move on and create something new.

The updated version was rightfully worthy of its predecessor. The new Orpheus have been in development for over 10 years. It turned out to be a cross between a piece of jewelry and an achievement in the field of modern high technologies.

More than 6, 000 different components were used in this handmade product, including gold-ceramic electrodes, platinum diaphragms, a Carrara marble amplifier, which Michelangelo himself used for his sculptures. However, all this unspeakable luxury is by no means for show. The use of precious metals significantly improves the basic parameters of the headphones, bringing them to perfection.

The luxurious design extends to the amplifier and controls. They are made from a single piece of chrome plated brass. When the headphones are removed from the "shelter", the brass control knobs begin to move out of the case and 8 sealed luminous quartz tubes rise, with the simultaneous reflection of this magnificence in the mirrors.

Orpheus sets itself apart from its competitors in amazing sound quality due to digital amplification that occurs directly in the headphones, which minimizes any kind of interference. And eight digital analog converters are able to correct even a very low quality stream.

And most importantly: Sennheiser valued his creation at 50, 000 euros.