Gest digital glove can replace keyboard and mouse

Experts in the field of computer technology do not stop trying to unite a person and a computer into one whole. One of the directions is to improve, or more precisely, to change the familiar interface. A good example is the device in the form of a digital glove Gest, which should replace the "classic" keyboard and mouse.

The developer of Gest - Apotact Labs proposed an unusual design of its product, which allows you to control computers using hand movements. It is a kind of digital tool, consisting of a gesture controller attached to the hand and a development kit (SDK) with which you can create your own applications.

Gesture controller with a special adjusting strap and four finger sensors can be worn on the palm of any size. A total of 15 sensors are located on each hand. The fingers are equipped with the same accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers as in ordinary smartphones.

The Gest software reacts even to a slight movement of the hand, as a result of which, with prolonged use of the device, a personal control model is formed for each user.

The campaign, launched on Kickstarter on October 30, has already raised the $ 100, 000 required to start serial production. Early buyers ordered the Gest for $ 99 and $ 149. In the future, it can be purchased in retail for $ 200.