Tempescope will recreate real weather inside a plastic box

The Japanese startup has begun a collective fundraising campaign to produce the Tempescope, a sleek cube that simulates real-world weather. Using information from the Internet, the device will simulate rain, lightning, fog and bright sun inside a plastic mold right in your room.

The idea for the Tempescope came to inventor Ken Kawamoto after returning from a walk. He wanted to take a piece of heaven to his house. As a result, he assembled the first prototype of the device. The materials used were shampoo bottles, hair dryer, LED lights and a fog generator.

In the pilot version, Tempescope is already able to create sunlight, rain, lightning, fog. After some tweaks, Kawamato even promises to add snow. Synchronization with real weather is carried out via Bluetooth and smartphone. It is also planned to support the "manual" mode, to create the appropriate mood in the house.

Just 5 days after launching on Indiegogo, the project has already collected half of the funds required to start production. The Tempescope will cost about $ 199.