Stoptix - automatic brake light that works even without pressing the brake

Brake lights are an important part of the braking system. They are the ones who warn the traffic coming from behind about slowing down. However, it is far from a secret that in some cases deceleration is not related to braking. These include mechanical damage, fuel leakage, collision, or downshifting.

Mech Optix of Huntsville, AL has developed the Stoptix smart brake light. Its main purpose is to warn drivers driving behind them to slow down. The electronic circuit of the device, which is built into the light bulb, consists of an accelerometer, an LED and a power supply designed for 3 hours of operation.

The Stoptix has its own power source that recharges quickly with every brake application. Stoptix is ​​very unpretentious in terms of installation. For this, for example, it is not required to specially adapt a car or motorcycle for it. Thanks to the standard sockets, the device can be installed on almost any vehicle.

Stopix can operate at temperature drops from –30 to +65 ° C. It provides a bright glow, which is especially important in poor visibility conditions. The bulbs are designed for a 5-year period or 500 thousand working cycles. Stoptix will be listed on Kickstarter soon. The estimated cost of the device is $ 59.95. A couple of copies will cost $ 99.95.