Mobile phones are changing the face of the umbrella

Mobile phones are increasingly affecting our lives. Not only we are changing, but also the objects around us, for example, umbrellas. Imagine that you are walking down the street in the rain, with your umbrella open as usual, and at this time your mobile phone rings. Agree that you have to tinker a lot before you answer the call.

Such a generally ordinary situation prompted the engineers of the South Korean company KT design to create an original umbrella handle called "Phonebrella". Thanks to her, the owners of mobile phones are now relieved of the previous inconveniences.

The handle is C-shaped. Its lower part acts as a counterweight, and its upper part is a support for the main part of the umbrella. Now, in the event of a call, the umbrella is put on the forearm, and the hands remain free. The umbrella is available in five colors - classic gray, smoky gray, flowery red, royal red and black.

The Chinese inventor Chuan Wang from Nanjing also has his own vision of the modern umbrella. Its air umbrella creates a kind of air force field that replaces the traditional drop down waterproof awning. Fans are installed in the upper part. After switching on, they begin to rotate, sucking in air through special openings, and the falling raindrops are dispersed by the created air flow.