Fish Call electronic sonic bait will help fishermen

Modern technologies are increasingly penetrating into such an ancient sphere of human activity as fishing. It is no longer a rarity - smartphones connected to fish finders or special waterproof drones. The next step in the development of fishing technology was the invention of Danos' father and son, Jeff and Jack.

To attract fish, they developed the Fish Call audio device, which simulates the sounds that fish make when feeding. The work lasted nine months. In addition to traditional technical means, they also used a 3D printer. As a result, a cone-shaped sound generator was created.

Now it is enough to flip the switch and throw the device in the place of the expected accumulation of fish. The sounds emitted by Fish Call attract the fish and "whet" their appetite, greatly increasing the fisherman's chances of a good catch.

The device comes with a custom anchor system that can hold it in a specific location or allow it to drift freely. Fish Call operates on a 9-volt battery for 6-8 hours. Jeff and Jack have already earned their first $ 10, 000 on Kickstarter and managed to raise $ 25, 000 in sponsorship to organize the production.

By December of this year, you can become the owner of the miracle bait by paying $ 99.