DxO One turns your smartphone into a full-fledged digital camera

What if a digital camera is very troublesome to carry with you all the time, and the quality of pictures taken with a smartphone leaves much to be desired? The answer suggests itself - they need to be combined. The DxO One pocket-size camera has become such a unifying element.

When shooting, the user can use its lens and image sensor, and the smartphone will be used as a viewfinder and control panel. The camera is tiny - only 2.5 cm wide with a matrix resolution of 20.3 mpx.

The camera has a closest focusing distance of 20cm and a sensitivity (ISO) range of 100 to 51200. Pictures are saved in JPG and RAW formats, supported by SuperRaw mode, which combines 4 RAW images into one. Video shooting is carried out in two modes - 1080p (30 frames / sec) and 720p (120 frames / sec).

IPhone connectivity via Lightning, which guarantees a 60-degree rotation of the camera in either direction, and a dedicated camera app provides quick feedback. The only thing that can scare off potential users for now is the rather high price - $ 599, which is quite enough to purchase a very good digital camera.