High-tech kevlar gloves help firefighters

After several years of intensive collaborative research, NanoSonic and ShelbyGlove have developed a special heat-resistant protective glove for firefighters.

The result is a product that is resistant not only to high temperatures, but also to water. Due to the greater plasticity, it has become much easier and more convenient for firefighters to work in such gloves.

Gloves are made of a unique nanomaterial - Kevlar-based hybrid strength, used in the production of body armor. Gloves have a three-layer structure, which makes it possible to protect the hands of firefighters from punctures and cuts, the danger of which increases in case of fires.

After a series of tests carried out by the National Fire Protection Agency last year, the products were certified and recommended for use.

Firefighters appreciated the new gloves in five categories - dexterity, proper fit, thermal protection, heat release and ease of putting on and taking off. After passing each test, they informed the developers of all their comments and wishes, which were then taken into account.