British inventor creates a luminaire with a lifespan of 37 years

The inventor is Jake Dyson, the son of the famous British inventor James Dyson. The main idea of ​​the novelty is a system for removing heat from a light source - LEDs. It is their constant heating that leads to the fact that they fade over time and fail.

In Jake Dyson's luminaire, the LEDs are housed in conical cones that evenly distribute warm white light. Thanks to the special design of the luminaire, it consumes only 20% of the energy of a conventional halogen lamp. In such an economical mode, according to the creator of the device, he will be able to work "permanently" up to 37 years.

The cooling element of the LEDs is a special tube. I would especially like to dwell on the light field that the lamp creates. Eight conical reflectors eliminate glare during reading, thus relieving eye fatigue.

The luminaire is adjusted with a slight effort of a finger horizontally, vertically and by rotation, thanks to a special system of counterweights. The light intensity is changed by a sensory method. Such a lamp will cost from 610 to 916 dollars, depending on the model.