Google partners with Levis to turn clothing into smart devices

The most popular search engine in the world, Google, has once again decided to try itself in a new capacity. This time, its specialists decided to join forces with representatives of another giant in the field of denim clothing - Levis company in the creation of "smart" fabrics, which will then be used to create "smart" clothing. In a nutshell, trousers will become touchpads, and jackets will become joysticks.

The basis of the fabric is a smart thread developed by Google that will be woven into clothing. With the help of a special button, which is at the same time a miniature computer, it will be possible to establish communication with various electronic devices.

According to the head of the Jacquard project, Ivan Pupyrev, if there is an opportunity to create interactive connections using the method of insertion into tissue, then this is the first step towards creating a wearable computer.

Google's smart thread is conductive and can be used to create a touch screen surface on jeans, and, for example, a smartphone can be controlled by running a hand over pants or a jacket.