Released an updated cardboard virtual reality helmet Google Cardboard

It looks like the internet giant Google has set out to bring virtual reality to the masses. At the May 29 presentation of Google I / O 2015, he showed an updated version of Cardboard, a cardboard virtual reality helmet, which is available even to low-income users.

The updated version of Google Cardboard now works with smartphones with a display diagonal of up to six inches, and it's much easier to assemble it. If the Cardboard helmet model presented in 2014 was assembled in 12 steps, then the new version - in just three. In addition, Google Cardboard now works not only with Android smartphones, but also with iPhones, thanks to the addition of iOS compatibility to the Cardboard SDK.

Recall that Cardboard is a cardboard virtual reality helmet that works in tandem with a smartphone with special software installed. You can assemble it yourself, which requires cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and elastic, as well as instructions. You can buy a ready-made kit from third-party manufacturers starting at $ 20. Instructions with a detailed description, as well as available for purchase Cardboard models can be found on the official Google website.