Noki - smart door lock for € 139

The Austrian company Noki Home Solutions GmbH has developed a unique smart lock that can be controlled using a mobile device. A fundraising campaign to launch its production has successfully launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

According to the creators, Noki is the first smart lock in Europe and produced in Europe. With it, you no longer have to carry keys with you, and in order to enter the house, it is enough to have a smartphone with you. It will take only a few minutes to install the lock, and then you need to download the companion application on your smartphone for its full operation. It is compatible with devices on iOS and Android and with its help the user can not only open and lock the door, but also view the history of visits, manage emergency blocking and receive real-time notifications if an intruder tries to break the lock. And thanks to the support of Bluetooth and GPS, the Noki lock automatically detects when the owner approaches the house and opens the door for him.

The Noki will last up to 300 days with the standard AA batteries supplied with it. The lock will warn the owner in advance that the battery is discharged.

You can order Noki on Kickstarter at a price of 139 euros. The crowdfunding campaign will last until June 26, but already now the creators of the miracle castle have collected over 256 thousand euros, which is twice as much as was originally required.