WaterBlade simulator allows you to walk on the surface of the water

Las Vegas-based architect Gameli Cruz seems to have succeeded in realizing the long-held dream of many people - to walk on water. To do this, he developed the WaterBlade, an electrically powered floating platform. True, it is worth making a reservation: it will not work for a carefree walk, since it is a fitness system for developing legs and abs.

Moving on the water surface is carried out using a 0.85-horsepower electric motor powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery and developing a thrust of 25 kg. Users have eight speeds at their disposal - five forward and three reverse. The direction of movement of the WaterBlade is done by shifting body weight and fairly simple leg movements. The maximum speed of the device is 10 km / h.

The trainer is made of aluminum, composite fiberglass and nylon. The prototype is made of EPS foam, but the production models will include inflatable structures. In the event of a fall, a special leash attached to the ankle will shut off the engine. An option for pets is provided.

Gameli Cruz posted his brainchild on Kickstarter and asks for $ 1650 for it. Sales are scheduled to start in July.