PepperHacker Pepper Mill Will Turn Off Mobile Devices During Lunch

We must honestly admit that our life is too oversaturated with all kinds of electronic devices, which sometimes become an insurmountable obstacle to simple human communication. So, in one Australian family there were 12 modern gadgets at the same time - TVs, smartphones, tablets.

But, as you know, they knock out a wedge with a wedge. With the active participation of Richard Steer, head of Dolmio, the unusual device PepperHacker was created.

It looks like an ordinary pepper grinder, but in addition to its "main specialty" PepperHacker can turn off Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and TVs for half an hour. This is how long a family lunch or dinner usually lasts.

To activate the device, it is enough to make a few characteristic turns necessary to grind the pepper. It is designed mainly for children who are most susceptible to addiction to electronic devices.

According to Richard Steer, dining with family or friends is a means of bringing people closer together, an enduring human value, and no modern technology should interfere with this.