The modern Steinway piano can do without a pianist

World renowned piano maker Steinway & Sons unexpectedly turned to high technology with the release of the electronic system Spirio, which imitates the playing of a pianist.

As you know, the piano belongs to the category of percussion musical instruments. Each of the 88 keys is a lever. Pressing a button activates a hammer covered with felt. He hits the strings that make the sound you want.

Compared to similar systems of previous generations, Spirio is more complex. Thanks to modern software, the device can provide a fast pace of play, synchronization with the movement of the pedals, in a word, to maximize the playing of a "live" pianist.

Spirio stores 1, 700 piano pieces in its memory, which, together with a special application, are downloaded to the iPad, which communicates with the piano via Bluetooth.

The quality of Spirio's playing has already been appreciated by some well-known pianists, in particular, Jenny Lin. In her opinion, the performance of piano pieces is distinguished by an unprecedented level of precision and nuance.