German engineers have created miniature wireless headphones

It is no secret that more and more "musical" gadgets appear on sale, where there are no wires at all. This time, the Berlin company distinguished itself by offering users the miniature wireless stereo headphones The Dash with its own MP3 player and a fitness tracker designed to monitor the heart rate and oxygen saturation level.

The earbuds have a 4Gb memory, which corresponds to about 1000 music records. The intelligent component of the new gadget guarantees freedom of movement for the user, maximum comfort, excellent sound quality and accurate biometric data. Bluetooth Low Energy technology is responsible for communication with external devices.

In fact, we are talking about two wearable microcomputers, which integrate biosensors, a fitness tracker and a microphone that work in real time with feedback.

Added to this set are two tiny LEDs that emit curative low-intensity infrared light into your ear and a silicone-filled housing that allows you to use the earbuds even in water.

The appearance of the novelty was greeted with delight. The project's Kickstarter campaign attracted 16, 000 potential buyers, who were ready to spend $ 3.3 million in total on the production of headphones. Their estimated cost is about $ 300.