The UK has developed a high-tech combat protective kit

BAE Systems has developed a high-tech combat kit for military personnel, based on the Spine vest (spine), the brainchild of another British company, Surrey-based Intelligent Design.

The peculiarity of the Spine vest is the ability to connect up to eight wearable electronic devices to it, which can work and be recharged from it wirelessly. For this BAE Systems has developed an inductive charger that automatically transfers energy from the base source directly to the vest.

Thus, soldiers equipped in Spine are reliably supplied with energy in any war zone. You can control the work of the vest using your smartphone. It comes with an augmented reality headset and car seat, which also function wirelessly. A walkie-talkie, a helmet with a smartphone, signal lights, as well as some types of high-precision weapons can be connected to the vest.

According to the developers of the unique combat kit, it can be used not only on the battlefield. Its parameters fully comply with the standards of services involved in the elimination of the consequences of fires and other natural disasters.