LifeLogging belt monitors the intrauterine development of the baby

The Lifelogging belt for women was developed by the Israeli company Novo Group, led by Oren Oz. The belt enables expectant mothers to monitor the health of their baby in the last stages of pregnancy. In particular, it will be possible to listen to the baby's heartbeat and record his movements without visiting the antenatal clinic.

The device is a kind of "harness" of elastic belts that fit the abdomen, equipped with a system of sensors and absolutely not restraining movements. The first version of the device - Ritmo - should go on sale at the end of this year. Ritmo will have 13 sensors - acoustic, ECG for heart monitoring and motion sensors.

The received information goes to the cloud server for further processing, and the results are transmitted to the user's smartphone. Having received it, the expectant mother will be able to make sure that the baby is alive and well, even if he is motionless for some time (due to sleep).

The device will also give the mother the opportunity to determine the type of activities that have a beneficial effect on the fetus, for example, meditation or listening to classical music. The estimated cost of Ritmo is $ 200-250.