Scientists from Tomsk are developing a new generation submarine modem

In the telecommunications laboratory of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the development of a domestic modem for providing underwater communications is in full swing. The first results look very encouraging - 1, 2 Kb / sec, which is six times higher than the indicator of similar devices operating in Russia today.

According to the head of the laboratory, Yuri Svinopulov, the technical characteristics of the device of domestic production are in no way inferior to foreign samples. The next stage is experimental studies of the modem in the Far East on the basis of the Institute for Problems of Marine Technologies.

For several years now, scientists from Tomsk and Vladivostok have been jointly developing underwater robots designed to study the underwater world and deep-sea geological research.

Currently, several deep-sea vehicles created by Far Eastern specialists are already operating at depths of over 6 kilometers, and the next in turn is an apparatus that will be able to descend to the depth of the Mariana Trench - over 11, 000 meters.