Five gadgets to help you sleep better

Medical statistics of recent years show that the increasing number of mobile devices and gadgets, as well as the sound and light effects they create, have become one of the main causes of sleep disorders in millions of people. It is quite logical that in response to this, electronic devices began to be created that minimize the resulting negative.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor ($ 149) consists of a flat, thin strip installed under the sheet and connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The monitor measures pulse, blood pressure, cycles (light or deep sleep) and sleep time. In the morning, having received detailed information, you can plan a further algorithm of your actions.

Beddit Sleep Monitor

The Withings Aura ($ 300) is a thin white mat that closely monitors sleep, complemented by clock radios that regulate the light next to the bed. The red light helps to doze off, after which it gradually goes out. And in the morning you wake up with a blue light, the intensity of which increases. Scientists believe that blue light regulates the level of melatonin in the body, which affects sleep.

Withings aura

The ResMed S + device ($ 150) lulls you to sleep with the sounds of nature - the sound of the sea, the murmur of a stream, which most closely match the rhythm of breathing. The device adjusts to it and adjusts the sound level. He closely monitors sleep, charts sleep cycles, and provides helpful advice.

ResMed S

Fitness watch Epson Pulsense PS-500 ($ 200) tracks movements, heart rate. They can be synchronized with your computer and monitored your sleep. During the day, they count steps, burned calories and measure heart rate.

Epson Pulsense PS-500

The Kingsdown Smart Mattress ($ 10, 999) not only monitors sleep, but also makes your sleep more comfortable with 21 air chambers. Over time, he will select the best option for his owner. The miracle bed can massage and adjust the position of the head, legs and surface hardness.

Kingsdown mattress