SnooperScope turns your smartphone into a night vision camera

PSY Corporation has developed the SnooperScope device, which turns smartphone cameras into night vision devices. If you do not intend to engage in espionage, then it can be successfully used as a tool for studying wildlife or ensuring the safety of your home.

The device is fully compatible with the lens of a smartphone video camera and generates infrared radiation. In this case, the display of the smartphone turns into a monitor on which you can see everything that is happening around under the cover of darkness.

To activate it, you need to download a special iOS and Android application, after which SnooperScope turns into a virtual standalone camera. With its help, you can take high-quality photos and shoot videos in HD format.

The peculiarity of daytime shooting with the SnooperScope is that objects, previously invisible to the human eye, become visible. For example, a black or red dress will appear white, and some opaque objects will become transparent.

The device is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for sound recording. It connects to Wi-Fi and can be used as a "baby monitor" with which parents in the next room will see their child online. Charging the batteries lasts for 4 hours of continuous use.

The SnooperScope comes in four colors, including camouflage. The cost of the device is 120 British pounds or 180 dollars.