Ridersmate will give an SOS signal if a motorcyclist gets into trouble

Fans of extreme recreation - motorcyclists, cyclists and riders probably often ask themselves the question: "What will happen to me if something happens to me in the mountains or desert?" British engineer, telecommunications specialist David Coleman offered his own version of the answer to this far from idle question.

The device he created is named Ridersmate. It is attached to the belt with a special carabiner, and on the other hand, with a strong cord, to the vehicle. If, for example, you fell, then the cord "leaves" its socket and activates the device, which sends a text message to the addresses in its memory, indicating the exact coordinates and time when the trouble occurred.

If the addressees do not answer, then Ridersmate turns off for a minute, after which it sends a new signal for help. There is the option of giving the SOS signal manually by pressing the corresponding button. If the journey goes well, then Regismate, integrated with Google Maps, will simply record the route in detail for memory. The battery lasts for 8 hours. The cost of the device is about $ 300.