NOb controller - fine tuning of elements on the screen

As it turned out, the computer mouse familiar to us is not without its drawbacks. Its scrollwheel is inaccurate when it comes to meticulous adjustment of program elements, for example, when editing video or streaming radio broadcasts.

Mouse add-on - the nOb Control device was created by German specialists. At first glance, it is made in a retro style, where nothing reminds of advanced technology. On the front panel there is a fine scroll wheel, and on the right and left of it there are 2 conventional switches. nOb can work with any input controller, including keyboard or mouse, and does not require special drivers to be installed.

The device is compatible with any operating system. nOb will be useful in computer graphics, music production, video editing and other computer-related activities.

At the moment, the gadget is a prototype. Its creators have already launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to start production.