"Biohackers" are implanting implants with LED illumination

Several biohackers from Germany have implanted Northstar V1 chips with LED elements under their skin. A device the size of a large coin is designed to illuminate tattoos, similar to the bioluminescence of some jellyfish species.

Subcutaneous implantation is performed by Grindhouse Wetware (Pittsburgh, PA) and takes only 15 minutes. This company is known for its extraordinary developments in the field of biotechnology that enhance human capabilities. One of the goals of Grindhouse Wetware is to create human robots - cyborgs.

When asked what was the prerequisite for the creation of a subcutaneous chip, one of the developers Sean Sarver answered without hesitation:

“This is what the biohacker community wanted. They told us they wanted to highlight their tattoos from the inside. It just so happened that the community inspired us to create bioimplants ”.

The implant that illuminates the tattoos is a printed circuit board with five red photodiodes arranged in a circle. They are activated for 10 seconds after bringing a magnet to them. For hygiene reasons, the device is covered with silicone. The power source is a disposable 3-volt battery capable of providing 10, 000 starts. The implant is expected to be on sale next year.

The creator of the chip, Tim Cannon, became one of the participants in the experiment. He did something similar two years ago by implanting a Circadia 1.0 computer chip the size of a pack of cigarettes into his body. The sensor can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone, record body temperature and send text messages.