Shoo Away will drive away annoying flies

Summer is approaching - the season of country trips with the constant barbecue. This also means that you will have to fight with uninvited guests - flies and wasps, who will definitely want to join your feast, with which you will strongly disagree.

The "Shoo Away" device, which means "Get away", is specially designed for this occasion. It resembles a helicopter rotor with two flexible blades, on the end of which holographic dots are applied. The blades are made of soft material, so they will not cause harm in case of unexpected contact.

As they rotate, the holographic dots reflect the glare of light and the flies, with their sensitive eyes, consisting of more than 4, 000 cells, begin to perceive these flashes of light as a moving object from which you need to dodge to the side. "Shoo Away" also repels other insects, in particular wasps.

The device was created by Australians Andrew Smith and Rob Ayala. It runs on batteries. A couple of "Shoo Away" can keep the desk safe from flies. The cost of the device is about £ 20.