"Smart" device Mimo Smart Monitor will track the child's sleep

Sleep control in young children is not new. For many years, parents have been able to "spy" on their sleeping babies using video cameras that transmit images (often of very low quality) to smartphones and personal computers.

They are being replaced by a new generation of wearable devices. One of them is Mimo Smart Baby Monitor. It is designed to track the state of the child in sleep - his position (on his back or on his stomach), breathing rate, body temperature, room temperature and even the level of oxygen in the blood.

The Mimo kit in the form of a plastic turtle is attached to a special kimono jumpsuit. It is connected to the base station via Bluetooth. The resulting "picture" is broadcast to smartphones, thanks to a free application for iOS or Android. However, while it is not intended for the transmission of video information.

The idea of ​​creating such a device is certainly interesting, although it raises many questions from skeptics. In particular, the kit contains only three copies of the kimono and there is no guarantee that they will be clean at the right time. In addition, the device is made of hard plastic, which can create discomfort for the child.

And, most importantly, many parents do not understand what to do with the information received if they are away from home. However, the creators of the device are determined to bring it to perfection. According to Dulchie Madden, one of the authors of the project, MonBaby and Sprouting kits are already ready for release. The latter will inform the parents that the child is naughty after waking up.